****Lands of Redemption General Rules****

  1. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and is punishable by removal of channel usage and could result in being banned. Playing is a privilege and not a right.
    Examples of harassment:
    Sexual harassment..Persisting in something when someone asks you to stop. Kill stealing,harassing someone based on race, and or sexual affiliation. Use common sense treat people with respect or you might find yourself unable to play or worse twitted.
  2. Bug abuse and exploits will not be tolerated, anyone knowingly abusing a bug or exploiting something will be slain and have their corpse eaten. If you find a bug alert the immortal staff immediately so that it may be addressed or fixed.
  3. Clan hopping is frowned upon, if you wish to leave a clan to join another you will endure a exile period of 30 days. During the period of exile you will be PK'able regardless of if you were Non-PK clan before. So make your clan choices wisely.
  4. Clan leaders are responsible for the growth of their clans, if your clan becomes inactive for a period longer than 2 weeks and or drops below 3 active players will will be disbanded without notice. If you plan to be gone for a period of time message the immortal staff before hand.
  5. When participating in Immortal run quests obey all rules given by the Immortal running the Quest. Failure to be respectful of the immortal running the Quest and the others who are participating will result in being removed from the Quest and quite possibly the denial from any future Quests they may run. Just because someone is a Quest god does not mean they don't have the power to pit you, slay you, or deny you. Be respectful or you will be removed.
  6. If you have been punished by any immortal do not try to go over their head and try to get a different result. The staff is well aware of the rules and you can be punished by anyone on staff. If you go over the head of anyone whose punished you be prepared for additional wrath or make sure you can back up what you are saying.
  7. Being a complete jerk will get you nowhere here except for on a quick trip to banishment and or twithood.
    Examples of being a jerk:
    Intentionally sacrificing someone's items that they are sifting through that may be on the ground. Using charm while in arena to force someone to remove all and sacrifice all. Following someone around and being annoying by kill stealing harassing, and otherwise being stupid. Name calling that has no roleplay basis or pk business. Racial slurs, homophobic slurs, tramp status slurs, and other disrespectful things. At any time we may choose to slay ban be rid of problem players. So act grown and be respectful.
  8. Do not pester the gods for doubles, spell-ups or things of that nature. Work as a team or on your own to purchase them. Constant asking will get you Nochan'ed and future episodes will get you wiped.
  9. Do not use heat metal in arena, if found doing so you will be punished.
  10. Do not ramble on and on via the OOC channel in context that makes absolutely no sense. Doing so with get you Nochan'ed twitted then banned.
  11. Multiplay isn't allowed.
  12. Character sharing is not allowed for any reason. If we catch you character sharing it will result in being twitted or worse.
  13. You can have a clan mate or friend hold onto special items while you reroll.
  14. Idling for hours can have severe consequences, including but not limited to loss of hours, loss of aquest, iquest, strength, wisdom, intelligence, dexterity, constitution. These losses are permanent so think wisely.

****Ignorance of the rules is no excuse****
To read the rules any time in-game type "help rules".

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