Welcome back! This site will be receiving new updates soon!

October 6th, 2020
• We are back online!
• We are working mostly to ensure the lands are stable at this time.
• Some active quest events are going on right now with special items to collect!
• Many old and new active and friendly faces around!

March 18th 2016
• Hopefully everyone is recovering from their hangovers fromSt. Patricks Day!
• Some recent additions have gone into the game:
• • PKPoints - PKers now get a random PK Point amount when killing someone. The victim loses a lesser amount on death. These points will be used to purchase new equipment!
• • 2 new charts have been added for PKPoint tracking.
• • Some "safe" rooms are starting to disappear.
• • New Feature: Spellbooks. This will allow you to gain new skills and spells or increase your general knowledge of an ability.
• • New Ancient Spell: Pandoras Box. Do you have the guts to use the box and see what comes out?

Janruary 20th 2016
• We hope everyone had a Happy New Year and is enjoying the start of the year.
• The Staff have been hard at work making some overall design changes for improved playability.
• A recent rework of the "Areas" command to include directions from Market Square.
• A "run" command to enter in directions to easily take you long distances.
• A new "combat spam" toggle ability to turn off some annoying combat messages. Courtesy of Shryp for the framework of this.

December 27th 2015
• We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying/enjoyed time off work and time with their families. We'd like to welcome all of our new players, congratulate all of our new Ancients, and wish everyone health and wealth in the new year.
• The Staff have been hard at work making several small changes that add up to a big difference in game play. A number of different things players had to rely on the immortals for have now been automated in the event an imm is unavailable. Chance of getting hit by fire breath has been slightly reduced, arena betting now uses platinum instead of gold, gambling jackpots now have a shot at an additional prize, Happy Moments now include shards, the list goes on....

September 3rd 2015
• The Lands of Redemption staff hope everyone had a great summer and are having, or will be having, an awesome 'back to school' time of year!
Staff and long time players would also like to wish a warm welcome to newer players and to congratulate our most recent players to join the ranks of the Ancients!
• The staff have been hard at work designing new areas, new equipment, making improvements to overall game play, and more.
One of the more recent and more noteable changes has been the change to the way players can handle shard fragments they find. Shard fragments can now be eaten by players. Players can keep track of how many shards they have consumed by looking at the bottom of the money column in the score command. Shards may then be spent at Shard Vendors hidden around the Lands of Redemption. Players carrying the old-shards will need to exchange them with the help of an immortal.

July 18th 2015
Colors, Colors, Colors, Quest Target Flags, and more!!
The Lands of Redemption staff continues to bring updates your way - This time with a number of visual updates that are sure to improve gameplay!
• GQuest target mobs are now flagged, making it easier to be sure you're attacking the correct ones, and GQuest info colors have been changed to improve readability.

**Click on the images to view larger versions in a new tab**
• Skill list and spell list colors have all been changed to improve readability. Players can now specify the number of trains they want to use at a time by using the command "train # stat".

**Click on the images to view larger versions in a new tab**
• Active auras are now shown at the end of the wholist in the same area that the double-damage, double-exp, information is shown. For information on auras type "aura" in game).

July 13th 2015
Congratulations to the players that have already reached Ancient Status!
• Changes are still taking place in the Lands of Redemption!
We are currently working on changes to the auction system which may allow players to auction items for aqp, and iqp, in addition to platinum, changes to the race system which will add more diverse benefits to for each race, and are considering the idea of implementing a trivia system. If you have any ideas or suggestions be sure to share them with us via in-game notes or chat.

July 8th 2015
• The Lands of Redemption staff hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July weekend, and continues to have a great summer!
Ancients has gone live! Adventurers are encouraged to work towards this new level of accomplishment in order to receive new skills, the right to purchase Ancient Equipment, and additional feature to be added soon! Players who have not yet reached Ancient status will still benefit from the some of the new changes. To view the requirements to obtain Ancient status type "help requirements" in game.

July 3rd 2015
• The Lands of Redemption staff have been incredibly hard at work for months and are just about ready to go live with many of the new updates they have been working on.
Here are some behind the scenes screenshots of the new Quest and Ancient's Equipment:

**Click on the images to view larger versions in a new tab**

• While wandering the Lands of Redemption adventurers are likely to find gifts from the immortal staff hidden to and fro. While some of these items are self-explanatory (Free 5 Point Stance Token, 1000 Platinum Token, etc...) some are not. One of the more commonly asked about finds while exploring the Lands of Redemption are 'Shards' which players can turn in to the immortal staff for Shard Equipment. Shard Eq is better than the equipment purchased from the Quest Master.

• As a reminder: All players, not just new ones, are very strongly encouraged to read the rules.
Click HERE to read the rules.

• New players are encouraged to leave the in-game HINT notifications active until they've become comfortable with their surroundings.
HINT notifications can be toggled on/off by typing "hint" in-game, or can be read all at once HERE.